How we linked WooCommerce to An Post to simplify shipping for our clients

There are 3 reasons to read this article:

  1. The most likely reason is that you own an eCommerce website in Ireland, and you’re sick of the manual process of getting your shipping labels printed for your eCommerce orders. Every day when you get orders, you have to extract a CSV, or manually enter the details into the An Post website, or DPD, or any number of potential carriers. Worse still, you might just print out the address label, and go to your local Post Office, and pay for them there and then.
  2. Secondly, you may be a developer trying to figure out how we created our integration. If that is the case, I’m more than happy to have a chat with you. If you email me via [email protected], we’ll arrange a Zoom call and I can run through it with you.
  3. The final reason you may be interested in this article, is that you’ve seen it on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook, and you’re being a bit inquisitive about the whole process without having a use for it currently. Regardless of the extent of your own ecommerce knowledge or business, I’ll be delighted to explain the integration and how it works!

To give you some takeaway from this article,  let me outline what have we done, and how we did it. In brief, we have created our own shipping application which plugs in to your WooCommerce site, and syncs the orders every 15 minutes. When you change the order from “In Processing” to “Completed”, our application gets an update, and we then submit the shipping details of your orders to An Post (as well as other shippers, but today is about An Post).

An Post then generates a label and tracking details for each order and we then send the tracking details back to WooCommerce. This step of the process really helps from a customer engagement perspective, as your customers can proactively check their own tracking details on your website. An Post also handle the returns process and labels.

Depending on the volume of items you sell every day or every week, you may have to drop your items off at a local post office, or you might be able to arrange collection. This is something you would have to discuss with An Post.

So, now you’ve made it right to the end of this article, the chances are you’re  interested in finding out more. If you submit the form below, we can arrange a call with you tomorrow to scope out the opportunity, and what the costings might be for the platform. We are a digital agency, so we can also help with any eCommerce issues you have, or optimisations you may want. If you have any other questions, you can also email me directly at [email protected]


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